Don’t fall behind…

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people flooded our office with calls seeking help for completing applications for unemployment benefits, SBA loans, etc. My staff spent 50% of their time helping those in need of help. When we offered to assist them from home, we discovered many of them did not have a computer or Internet service. Many who had a computer and Internet services were computer illiterate. When we attempted to walk them through the process, they knew nothing about a browser or how they should use it, nor a URL.

Many African American business owners did not have a web presence, and many were not technology savvy. As we embark upon the technology era, I recognize the above deficiencies do not lend themselves toward a good future for African American adults and children, which makes the future for economic success bleak and impossible to compete in a global economy.

The above deficiencies and inequities prompted me to launch The BWOT Global Learning Academy. We offer classes on Basic Computer Made Simple, How to Use the Internet, What You Need to Know When Building A Website, and business classes. We recognize three things in life that are guaranteed: Death, Taxes, and Computer.

We offer classes via Zoom, personal Zoom classes, and personal training in your office or your home. We have learned that many elders prefer us to teach them on their computers in their homes, and that prompted us to provide in-home training for seniors.


COVID-19 ushered in a new way of doing business, school, interviews, seminars, and training, therefore making it a necessity for embracing and learning how to use social media. We train on the following social media platform: Facebook, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.