How to Master the Internet-Made Simple

(Classroom and Zoom training or personal Zoom training in our office or personal training in your office or home)

You will learn: 

  • How to sign onto the internet.
  • How to open your mail.
  • How to respond to your mail (answer your mail).
  • How to spell-check your outgoing mail before sending it.
  • How to write and send an email to someone via email.
  • How to forward mail you received to someone else.
  • How to unsend an email.
  • How to download and save a file attached to your email to your desktop, My Documents.
  • How to email an attachment(s) from your Desktop, My Documents, and Thumb Drive.
  • How to save your received email.
  • How to delete your email.
  • How to retrieve deleted emails.
  • How to find mail that you have sent to someone.
  • How to place text from your desktop, My Documents, Thumb Drive, into the body of your email.
  • How to set up your email address book
  • What email you should never respond to.
  • How to find information on the World Wide Web.
  • How to market via the Internet
  • Why an email database is important.

Class fee $200.00

Note: There is an extra fee for personal training at your home or office.